Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find some of our most asked questions about AMT and CURO.

Is the CURO non-invasive?

• Yes. The CURO Mk II acoustic sensors are applied to the human skin or animal fur surfaces without any need to shave. Simply apply our special acoustic gel to the muscle/suspensory site of interest, place the sensor on top of the gel and tape into place with snögg or a similar adhesive pad.

Is the CURO System reliable?

• Yes. There are a number of International Medical Peer Review scientific journal publications which document the repeatability and reliability of the CURO System in the RESEARCH section of our website.

Is the CURO System available and at what price?

The NEW CURO Mk II wireless system is now commercially available and being sold at discounted total price of $30,000 for a limited time only. It is being sold with all available accessories which includes the whole system as a start-up package.

Is it possible to obtain parts of the CURO System separately, e.g. sensors, CURO units, etc.?

• Yes. The CURO Mk II wireless system comes as a complete start-up package unit, but the special sensitive sensors and other accessories (listed on our products page) can be separately purchased in whatever numbers you wish. When you buy a complete start-up package unit the proprietary software comes with it (included at no extra cost): this includes the CURO App for the iPhone, iPad, Android, PC Tablet and all NEW CURO Watch. The computer based data storage system and the computer based analysis software has an annual fee (included for the first year). Data can be saved as CSV or WAV files and then analyzed via the CURO Client Cloud using other types of software if you wish.

Is there a warranty?

• Yes. The CURO Mk II System comes with a 2-year CURO Diagnostics, ApS manufacturer’s warranty. If for some reason your unit ceases to work properly then we would be happy to replace your unit, often with a next day dispatch, if available.

Is there a possibility for CURO training?

• Yes. AMT and CURO Diagnostics, ApS provide a couple of training days with a CURO user near you if available and have a complete online training downloadable Manual and Video Lessons Library for your convenience. You may also telephone or email one of our CURO Expert Staff and they will answer your questions. AMT and CURO Diagnostics, ApS will also be conducting 4-quarterly Conferences Annually both in person and via LIVE/Pre-Taped Internet Television Programs complete with Demonstrations and various R.A.C.E. Certifications Programs of the CURO Mk II System in each of its Modality uses conducted by trained Medical Doctors, Veterinarians and Clinical Professional Trainers.

What are the Benefits of using The Wireless CURO Mk II System?
  • No Preparation Needed
  • Device Setup Time in about 5 minutes
  • Totally portable and fully wireless for ease of use
  • Real-Time Monitoring via Bluetooth or WiFi Live Streaming
  • State-of-the-art CURO Diagnostics App Software designed for Android OS and iOS platforms
  • Records Test Data on a Smart Phone, Digital Watch, Computer Tablet, Laptop or the CURO Client Cloud
  • Receive completely printable ESTiTM CURO Diagnostic Test Reports upon upload of test data .wav file within seconds
  • The CURO Mk II System uses muscle contraction data recorded by special muscle sensors and algorithms developed through research – thus enabling a totally new, innovative, non-invasive and precise way of following muscle function for both suspensory system and muscle assessment in real-time that can be used for Human, Canine and Equine patients
  • Can be used in many Veterinary and Medical Modalities of Rehabilitation, Improvement of Muscle Coordination, Revealing Muscle and Suspensory Injuries, Assess Muscle Development, Performance, Re-Training Progression and many other Orthopedic Clinical applications.

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